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Learn Filipino or Translate Filipino to English and Vice Versa Answered

Magandang araw sa inyo! - Good morning guys!

Want to learn Tagalog or Filipino? This is helpful if you want to visit my lovely country the Philippines! You can message me or use my contact details if you want to learn English or you want to be my friend. If you're planning to visit the Philippines don't forget to contact me so you're not alone when you're in my country. I am willing to help! (If I'm not busy).

My Contact Details:
Email: warengonzaga.dev@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/warengonzagaofficialpage
Twitter: @waren_gonzaga
Instagram: @waren_gonzaga
Patreon: patreon.com/warengonzaga

Comment down your questions, thoughts, opinion or what ever you have. Thank you!


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