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Learning Arduino Through Playing Cards Answered

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Let’s say you are 9 and you want to learn how to program … syntax is hard, and it is usually one of the issues I find when teaching. But also, language is problematic, not everybody speaks/reads/writes English and most programming languages are written in English … Arduino’s is not an exception. The guys at Complubot are into something interesting when it comes to learn programming. They are now in the third iteration of a cardgame (name to be decided) using the Arduino syntax.
I totally want a set, check them more out here



8 years ago

Cool idea! It reminds me of one of my own favorite "programming" games, Roborally. The cards consist of single movements (turn right, forward one space, etc.) and you choose five from your hand for each round. Once selected, you can't change the order or values of the cards.

Complications arise because the boards have automatic movements (conveyor belts, rotators, etc.) and the other players can run into you, and push you off track. But your program just keeps going.