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Learning Arduino & other basics Answered

Ect student @ Devry here trying to put what i am learning to practical use. I reeeelay  want to learn arduino it seems very fun and has a wide range of things you can do with it. Other than basics (mm solder eq resisters/leds & tools and such) what are some "must haves". 

Info like what board to start out with, power supplies i should acquire. Hints tips tricks, places to read would be great. I am somewhat limited on money (father of 7 trying to pay my way.) So i need to be budget minded. I have loved this site for a while and recently upgraded my membership. Some of the projects i see come from this community makes me drool.

Ty  for reading.


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9 years ago

Uno and a 9volt battery pack will get you started. You could go real cheap and pick up a RBBB(Really Bare Bones Board) or make your own breadboard arduino. I pick a project that looks like fun and copy it. My First project took me months and a $150 clams.   Lately I've become obsessed with AdaFruits wave shield; Here,  here, and my favorite here.  Some people become Motor and Robot junkies.  Some Folks LOVE steampunk garbage that has nothing to do with steam.  Try and find your EE muse and make what you want.  Don't just make robots because that's what other folks do.  Maybe it's all about eh Blinky's for ya.   Or you know your going to embed and keep your first project(Don't buy an Uno then).  
Uno's are a great place to start.  They allow for quick changes and setup.  But their drawback is you don't want to embed it in anything.  It's bulky and expensive.  
Good Luck, hope some of that helps.