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Led lights Answered

Hello everyone, i have a question and i think people here on instructables are best suited to help me! So i wanted to connect 21 leds together to make a bigger light. I would connect them in parallel and in series (3 in series 7 rows :P) and i thought i would use a 12v 7Ah battery to power this thing. The problem is i also wanted to use an arduino so they would turn on automatically but it can not output 12v. So is it beter to use the arduino to phisiclly controll a switch to turn the leds on or is it possible to power the arduino and then output 5v to the leds. And if it is will they be dimmer? or will the system draw more current killing my battery faster? Thats my problem and i hope someone here can help me. Thank you in advance.



8 years ago

Why do you want to use an Arduino to turn a light-on? Is there more to this project?

Use a transistor as a switch, they don't need a l lot of base-current.



Reply 8 years ago

Thank you for the reply! Yes there is more to this project. The arduino controls other things too!! How exactly do i use a transistor as a switch ?? Sorry for the idiotic question but this is one of my first electronic projects and i am a little confused still :P (Spent last 2 days searching the internet for very many things about electronics)