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Led movement how to? Answered

hi people, i am trying to find some one here to tell me how i can make a line of led. to move from one point to another.
to help you understand what i want go to youtube, and find any video relating to tosh from starcraft 2. he is the jamaikan assasin.
i want to make the same thing in my car, and a lot of people tell me that i can make it with only 5 to 10 leds... and i want to make two pair of lines the one 40cm and the other a 100cm...
does anyone know a way to make it?
p.s. i am super noob at electronics, so anything that you will write, i will tell to a friend that knows about electronics :)
thanks a lot !!!!



8 years ago

thanks a lot, i will who the circuit to my friend and i hope we will make what we need
thanks again !


8 years ago

thanks a lot for answering so fast kiteman, but there are two problems...
first, i want the movement of the leds to be from one point to another, and then again start from the same side and go to the other end, just like the tosh uniform in the videos.
And the second problem is that i see on both the cylon and larson scanners that they use only 10 leds maybe fewer didnt count them :)
The line of leds i want to make, i want it to be 40cm up to 100cm, and we are talking about from 40 up to 200leds, can i achieve that ?


Reply 8 years ago

And the circuit here says it can be extended by using one chip to trigger a second, so maybe the second could trigger a third etc?