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Led room lights Answered

Hey everyone, so I bought two packs of a 5 meter led light for my room. When I tried them individually everything was working perfectly, and because they are multicolored I tried all the lights and it was fine. After that, I connected both pakcs together and when trying to click the white light in the controller for them to work they started to beep all over again, the weird thing is that the rest of the colors work well, except for the white. What could it be, and how could I fix it? Please help me, I'm trying to install it for my daughter for a surprise and I don't want it to be ruined just my that. Thanks



25 days ago

Downunder is correct: Take a powersupply with more amps.
See, white light in those strips is mixed by powering all 3 colors or RGB. So:
- if you use only red, you use 1/3 of the powerdraw (more or less) and your powersupply can handle it
- if you use white, you in fact use Red, green and blue and have therefore full powerdraw from the powersupply and your powersupply seem not to be able to handle this.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

26 days ago

It is hard for me to guess exactly which "packs of a 5 meter led light" you have, although it is likely you have the same, or similar, to what everyone else has.

I mean, I looked at some product pages that turned up in a search, and I am guessing you have something that looks like the pictures I have attached. I stole one of them, the big one with the words, "How to connect..." from Scamazon, but I prefer not to link to them.

The other pictures, I stole from "gearbest.com". They seem to be selling a kind of "bare bones" version, that comes without the 12 volt power supply. But wowee! Look at that price! I will link to them, because I have nothing against their company. Never really heard of them before actually.

Curiously though, they have a "customer question" for that product,


that looks similar to your question. I will link to the page with that question here,


and I will quote it as well, because it is pithy.

Q: helo can I connect the two 5 meters led strip and use only one power adapter?
[By Marlon Calo Nov-20/2019 11:53:00]

Hello,If you want to pick up 2 rolls of 5 meter light strips, you need
to connect them separately. The light strips can't be connected end to
end. Because it is a low voltage product. The length of the unilateral
is not recommended to exceed 5 meters

Also I wanted to say, Downunder35m's hypothesis about needing a more beefy 12 volt power brick, seems likely.

However I think it just as likely that little white controller box with the IR pigtail, is the thing that is choking, because it has to throughput all the power that flows to the lights connected to it.

My suggestion is to just plug in two 5m sets; i.e. two power bricks and two little white controller boxes, each powering its own 5m light string, and hope these two controllers will march in step together (i.e. make light the same color), from the commands they receive from a single IR remote.

As a bonus you have an extra IR remote, in case the first one gets lost.


26 days ago

Your power supply is too weak to cater for two strings.
At full brightness on white the LED use more current than what the supply is capable of.
Best option is to use something with more power, like a 12V monitor power supply or the one from a discarded modem.