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Legal consideration of steam boilers? Answered

How large can a model steam boiler be before it has to be regulated/inspected/or subject to various other gov stupidity?


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2 years ago

See if there's a non-urgent type of police assistance phone number you can call, not the emergency number, they might be able to help you.


2 years ago

If you are in India then no one cares, so it might help to know your location ;)

In general I would try to find a good plumber and ask about where to find info on regulations in regards to commercial steam supplies.
For example any comapny producing polystere will need steam equippment!
Those boilers can be quite huge, so you best option after a plumber might be to contact one of those companies and kindly ask if they could provide you the info the regulations for their steam boilers - or better where to find them in terms of local regulations so you can legalise you steam model project.

In some countries your local council might be able to provide you with some contact nombers in this regard as well.
Same for local restrictions in terms of safety.
A small 10 liter boiler might not be a problem in most places.
Try 100 liters in a residential area and you will need to register it with fire department, council and other authorities.
Also means getting compliant with local or state regulations for using a steam boiler.

If it is big enough that it requires inspections and passing safety regulations you are better off buying a certified piece of equippment.
Otherwise it might cost you much more to get your own creation authorised and certified if required.

From a certain size on you might have problems as a private person in most countries.
A 5000 liter, 200 bar system might be no problem for a big company but for a private person the trouble already starts with the problem of providing the suitable enviroment in terms of building and location to operate it.
Same for insurance.
Without a business you might not be able to get insurance coverage at all.
Leave this part out and a small mishap can ruin your life.

So what di you say?
You are located in...?
Plan a water and steam volume of ...?
The max pressure you need is how high you said?
And what about the actual usage and location of the planned boiler?

You see... Details, details, details....
Without them life is only half the fun and the possible answers might be totally meaningless for your specific problem.
Since I moved house I just can't find my crystal ball anywhere, so it would be helpful if you could fill in some blanks here and there ;)