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Lego pneumatic electric valves? Answered

Hey all. I was just wondering, I want to use the lego pneumatic parts like i would for the fischertechnik ones. And I was wondering if anyone know where i could buy an electric solenoid valve approapriate for the lego pneumatic tumes and pressures. 10-50 psi. or so. OR, if i cant find valves for the lego, where could i get a fischertechnik kit that had EVERYTHING needed including the electronics, motors, sensors, solenoids, tubes, wires, and everything else.



8 years ago

there are plenty of solenoid valves, but all the solenoid valves even close to what you would be doing run off of 12v, (lego = 9) and the connections are usually 1/4 in connections, so you would have to make yourself an adapter. the other problem would be the pressures. the solenoid valves that you can get usually don't work with pressures under 30-10 psi, so once you get down to those pressures, you will get problems.

in short, if you want lego pneumatic solenoid valves, your only choice is to modify existing industrial solenoid valves.