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Lego sophisticated electromechanical pirate ship that sail into a picture frame and splits to sink ? Answered

Some time ago I saw an ingenious Lego multi motor driven theater like presentation of a pirate ship sail into a frame and appear to get damaged by splitting into two.
Now I have grandson who is a Whiz at all Lego and would be equal to duplicating this minor wonder.
Regrettably my search skills are not up to locating this project here or YouTube

Hope someone knows of this this ?

I have always paid top dollar at brick & mortar stores,no longer exist If you are privy to a good big Lego Net store please let me know ?


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Best Answer 5 years ago

I find Google image searches a huge help. You may have seen the project in some sort of video. That video will always have some screen shots which will show up in an image search.

Ok lets be honest. I already found something similar to it for you. ;) "automated lego ship"

Looks like it may be using multiple Mindstorm controllers to pull it off. But then i know nothing about them. Unfortunately the site liked in the description no longer exists. No surprise since the video was posted in 2009.


5 years ago

Best Answer for you and Thanks a lot finding this one. Now to see if I can acquire some of those parts, knowing who originally put it out.