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Lenovo laptop fan problem Answered

So, I have an ideapad 700 laptop and was working fine. Recently, there is weird intermittent noise coming from it. I found out out that it's from on of the fans (the smaller one)... It spins with high speed making noise like wind or as if inhaling air then, a buzzing sound as it slows down. Then stops spinning then repeats that over and over. The other fan works just fine quietly I tried cleaning it from the the dust...noise still occurs It started to do that all of a sudden. I didn't install anything new or change any setting NB. It's not related to heat, the noise starts the moment I Turn on the laptop Any idea what to do ?


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11 months ago

Maybe your fan-bearing is just dead? That can create a very bad sound if it starts to oscillate... sometimes (Had this myself with a bigger fan, 12cm) this vibrations builds up but gets reset once the vibrations get too high and the loose bearing is knocked back into place.... just for the next cycle of shaking and getting knocked beck begins...