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Creating an Invention and Instructable Mixing Software or Website Answered

I was wondering if we could create a new website device, we could call it the Invention Mixer Software.

It would basically be a large database of practical or groundbreaking inventions, and maybe many of the instructables here.

We could arrange it according to use (Renewable Energy, Agricultural, Games, etc) and we could arrange it like a shopping cart selection. Each item would contain Name of Invention, Its basic use and advantage over common inventions, and the link to the manufacturer or institution doing the research.

With the shopping cart, you can choose the inventions and instructables you like and store them in the website, or copy and paste to your friends to discuss,compare or talk over.

It would be more than hobbyists website. People making new inventions could compare with the products now in the market, and compare it to instructables that can make similar inventions.

It would be like a cheap, low cost utility compared to the very powerful but expensive invention making machines like:

or stuff like this:

CREAX Invention Software

This would be the every man's invention software on a website.



9 years ago

Invention Mixer Website It’s basically a New Invention Database website. People who have a new product will give us a brief description of their inventions, the use and advantage of their invention, and a link to their website. Including their invention to the website is free, to encourage people to give. Income to maintain the website can be from: 1. Some minimal Internet ads or streamers all around the website on related Industries. There could be a streamer on every topic (Renewable Energy, Gadgets, Utilities, Agricultural) and this would be just to fund further research on developing the website and maintaining it. 2. Premium content on some Industries. Maybe brief outlooks on Industries like Renewable Energy or the IT sector. 3. The bulk of its income would come from recruiting a network of traders or Researchers to use the website to market goods or Inventions available on the website. If we also had links of the Instructables here on the website, we could refer them to the Instructables, and promote the skills of the hobbyists in the website to companies using this website to compare it to existing inventions. I live in the Philippines, which is pretty urban but developing by my standards, and I see all these wonderful inventions on the net, and I say to myself, why can't I market these inventions? Coz I am limited by my expertise on my Industry. If we could create a network of Skilled marketers working on Commission, using this database to reduce the need for searching, we magnify our efforts to the people who know best how to make the product viable.


9 years ago

Have you ever seen Halfbaked?


9 years ago

Do you have a business model or plan for this idea? L