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Let's Make a Mini MIT Cheetah - (Prototype) Answered

Hello Everybody, 
I am Ayush from India. 
I am Building a Mini MIT Cheetah Robot Just Similar as the Big one. 
Will Fewer Functions due to Size. I will be using a Raspberry Pi 3 or Zero as a Motherboard and Micro Servos for Leg Motion.
I have Studied the Very most Videos of MIT Cheetah Robot and i am very much Inspired ! But Due to Lack of a Team and Financial Back Support ,  i am lacking in building it... I will 3D Print Out most of the Parts and Just Before the Final protoType I will Offer Every Hacker / Programmer/ Developer / Student / Enthusiast to Bring his/ Her own Cheetah to Life! This will be a Very Long Development Proccess as we will have to add most of the Features! Facial Detection, Push Sensors, Touch Sensors, Motion Sensors, Gyro , Accelerometer, Ultra sound Sensor. and We will make some Cool Algorithms too! 
The Plus Point will be that Until i come to my Final Prototype i will stop using the Modules but will make an Complete Pcb! 
Therefore The Size will Reduce! My Design Planing for now is length 15cm - 25cm
But will try to make it more smaller!
All I Need is a Team and Financial Support!
I Have Attached my Very Basic Start Prototype Design! :)
Get Involved or Support by  
Contacting me Through:
LINE App ( Mobile) - My User ID - 'ayushtech'
E-Mail - hobbyists.stop@gmail.com

Thank You,
Always Love the Instructables Community!



3 years ago

I would suggest a site like GoFundMe.

KitemanAyush Sharma

Reply 3 years ago

For the group, I'd start a google group or a facebook page.

Ayush SharmaKiteman

Reply 3 years ago

I think, It's Not the Correct Time to Think for making this ... Estimated that this Project will be High Costing.... I will leave this apart for some time...

Thanks for your suggestions!