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Lexan one way mirror/visor Answered

Hello I recently bought some lexan sheets and was thinking about making a visor out of it, given it sturdiness. For a nice finish i would like to make it like a space visor, a golden-chrome one way mirror. I have already tought about the molding process but the one way mirror finish is more difficult than I expected: can you give me some hints? Also, I thought of three ways to get the results I want an would appreciate your opinion on them: - Car adhesive mirror finish (but I don't know if it will take on the lexan) - Spray paint, golden chrome (a thin coat should let through enough like to make it usable) - Golden plating via electrolysis and conductive paint (last hope, this requires expensive and poisonous chemicals) With my most sincere thanks



10 years ago

Option 1 is probably your best bet for flat or single curvature sheets. Get the kind with adhesive, not the static cling film. Option 2 is the cheapest to try, but the chemicals in the spray paint may cloud the plastic. That may be a problem with option 3 as well. Plastic aircraft windshields sometimes have thin gold plating as part of the heating system, but I don't know how it is applied -- it may be vapor deposition (option 4!)