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Li-ion 5 pin, pinout? Answered

Good Day Fellow Tinkerers

I have a battery that came out of a Android Tablet that i want to use for another project.

It has a cuircuit board attache to the top which i would assume is a over/under charge protector and it has 5 wires coming off of that. 2 x Red, 1 x White and 2 x Black.

The two black wires are connected to the same pad on the "protection circuit" and the two red are connected to the same pad. The white wire is on a separate pad i.e. 3 pads, 1 with 2x red, 1 with 2 x black and 1 with 1 x white.

I figure the Red would be positive and the Black negative and then i would assume that the white is the Thermistor connection.

My Question :

How do i connect this externally from the tablet to charge? I figure red and black are the usual, but how do i connect the white wire?

Thanks in advance for any help :)



1 year ago

hello there...just thought to give an opinion, i don't know it could help or not

I hope its a Li polymer battery rather than a LI ion. The protection board which comes along with the battery isa big problem for your attempt. The white wire could be a thermistor wire but, it's controlled by the internal circuitry of the phone and thus we cant control it externally. The thermistor wire regulate the charging of the battery according to parameters like temperature and some other stuffs, so leaving the wire disconnected may not charge the battery (at least not fully). I have seen some guys bypassing the wires with resistors and all, but we cant predict the outcome which could even be an explosion. Since each batteries and circuits are different for different manufactures, replicating the bypassing techniques also don't work well.

one thing that you can do (which I don't recommend at all) is that you could replace the board with a normal one( that without a white wire) with same charging specification. Moving on to a totally different battery (that without a white wire) with inbuilt protection board is the much safer option.