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Li-ion battery charging question Answered

I'm new here so hi first. Now to the question I've been making a portable wii lately and I've gone quite far, but I'm stuck at the power. So I've got two 20000mAh mobile batteries (10000mAh 4.2V x2 in parallel for one mobile pack) i was planning to connect the batteries in series to get the required 12v+ power to get the Wii running . Since this is a mobile battery it has a charging circuit for the battery in parallel . I was thinking how to charge the batteries in balance (in series) . It's quite confusing ,any help will be appreciated!( There is very little information of the batteries inside the pack, it only says [10000mAh Max 4.2V])


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2 years ago

I would start by checking the chargers for RC batteries first.
If in doubt go into a bigger store and state your battery problem and need for a suitable charger.
As for the voltage:
Batteries go down in voltage when used, so you might drop under the required voltage quite quickly.
One option to work around this is to use a buck converter.
They have wide in- and output ranges.
So as long as your battery supplies enough amps to work the converter will keep it at a steady 12V.