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LiPoly charging question? Answered

Hi Everyone,
I am creating a 6 cell pack (first time as you can tell) of LiPoly batteries 14.8V 5A it will have 3 groups in series of 2 in parallel for a 44.4V 10A pack.

In order to properly charge and maintain the batteries does anyone have any recommendations for a good balance charger from hobbyking or elsewhere?

Also in order to properly charge them should I charge each of the 6 cells individually, or charge the 3 packs of 2 in parallel using these

Thanks for your help.


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6 years ago

You have some good experience
If you are new to LiPo they can go horribly wrong when charging.
You might want to read Radioactive_Legos LiPo Etiquette.
Some like the Tesla car people can make Li batteries work.
So don't give up.
I have found Li batteries are
  • Three times the power
  • Half the weight
  • and ten times the cost of other batteries
  • With hazard pay to  the charge operator

Good luck,

Hammock Boy
Hammock Boy

Answer 6 years ago

Just to be clear if I was charging a single 4S 5A battery with this 150W charger it would take around half an hour?

150W/14.8V = 10.1A for a 5A battery = approx. 30 minutes

Charger: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__15168__HobbyKing_ECO8_150W_7A_8S_Bal_Dis_Cyc_Charger_w_acc_USA_Warehouse_.html


Answer 6 years ago

That time would be true if the 5AHr battery was 100% at power out / power in.

You have to anticipate a longer charge time for  a current of 5A to build up
a capacity 5Ahrs.

using the PRODUCT ID: T50004S-20HC
There is another spec_man_ship ( hard to be clear ) fact in the battery
spec => Max Charge Rate: 5c
..... but
under product table => Max Charge Rate (C) is 5

Does that mean charge at 5xC =25  OR simply C = 5 amps

I play it safe and use 5A charge rate for under two hours ...
to recharge the battery