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Lice, dust and Dandruff removing comb Answered

The design of the comb is based on Vaccum based system as it will remove dandruff and lice using vaccum system. As per sketch there will be a vaccum pump and a rechargeable battery and both will be installed in the handle of comb. There will be several holes on the teeth of this comb to absorb the dandruff ,dust and lice When the Vaccum pump starts then the teeth of the comb will work to absorb the dandruff ,dust and lice atthe time of using this comb. Just use this comb and dandruff will be removed. Salient features: (1) it is simple to manufacture (2) it will work very effectively (3) it will remove dandruff and dust stick with hair to clean the hair so there is no need to wash the hair.it will also save time and money. (4)there is no need of any chemical as it will work using vaccum (5)The another interesting use of this comb is treatment of "Head Lice"as it will work to remove lice using vaccum. (6) It will be a low cost solution (7) There will be no problem of hair loss as there is no chemical.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

8 weeks ago

This week, there are a few different people on this forum, all dreaming about battery powered vacuum appliances.

There is your dream for a comb shaped appliance that can vacuum dandruff and lice off the user's head.

There is a forum topic from last week, from someone, erm... user Chops_McCartney, who wants to build some kind of cosplay prop, specifically: Luigi's Mansion "Poltergust", here:


And finally, there was my dream to make a portable vacuum cleaner, with a transparent collection space, for vacuuming up insects from garden plants.

By the way, I think your comb shaped vacuum is a good idea, but I suspect it will be challenging to make as small as a hand held comb.

Also I think, if the intake holes are too small, circa 1 mm diameter, they will be likely to clog, with dandruf and sebum and such, but maybe you did not want to make the holes too big, like 1 cm or larger diameter, for fear of pulling up hair and tangling it in the blower.

I don't suppose you recall the scene from the motion picture, "Wayne's World (1992)", with the fictional, "Suck Kut" hair-cutting appliance. Naturally, that scene kind of popped into my head, since your idea involves vacuum, and uh, what should I call this application? Uh... "cranial hygene?" Or "cranial grooming." Usually when people think of hair grooming, they're thinking about the hair on their heads. Usually.

Obviously the "Suck Kut" is an example how this kind of thing could go horribly wrong, for the sake of humor, or perhaps painfully, if something similar happened in real life (IRL).

"OK Garth, just sit there. He's gonna put that thing on your mellon..."

It turns out the fictional "Suck Kut" was based on a real life invention, a vacuum powered, hair-cutting appliance, called "Flowbee".

I recall seeing print ads for the Flowbee, from like 30 years ago, but I never saw, or experienced one in real life. The Wikipedia article has a few paragraphs on the Flowbee, and the US Patent number (4679322) here:



8 weeks ago

I would imagine that it would be hard to clean and you would still need to wash your hair to remove grease build up from your sebaceous glands. Can't see this as being practical, sorry.