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License question... Answered

I am currently in the finnishing stages of a new aluminium print nozzle for 3D printers.
Of course I would like to share my project here soon but I also would like to see if it has any commercial value.
I would only be able to make a very small amount of them each month and the hours I have to spend in my workshop for it would not be justified by any price.
So if someone would have an interest to mass produce this nozzle what would be the correct type of license to choose from when publishing the Instructable?



Best Answer 4 years ago

CC-BY-NC-SA would be a good bet if you don't want someone profiting from it yet don't mind community using and improving it themselves.

All that said if it's really something good, you might want to stop making them yourself and find a manufacturing partner instead.

By the way, as I see it, instructables have a date and a licence listed next to an instructable and it is at least a little something to prove the time and exact idea you had at the time therefore proving authorship and granting at least some grounds for proving it if you need to.

Then again, if someone in China decides to manufacture it, you're pretty much doomed since it's borderline impossible to stop someone producing it there as far as I know. They often just change factories if necessary and that's it, story starts again.


Answer 4 years ago

Sounds like a plan.
Checked with a patent lawyer here two, fisrt consultation was free.
But to get going many hours would be required and that ends up too costly for me.
Free for private use but some nice reward if used commercially would be fitting.
No intention to get rich on it anyway, just would hate to see it copied for free and sold for ridiculous prices.


4 years ago

If you are interested in licensing manufacture, it might be an idea to print out the licenses and show them to a patent lawyer before you publish here, as the law varies from country to country.


4 years ago

Read through the licenses. They spell things out pretty well.