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Light Cannons Answered


so heres the deal, im a remixer and im designing props for my future shows and thought how cool would it be to have 'Gaster Blasters' fly up on drones when i get to my Megalovania remix?

for those of you who do not know what I am talking about Gaster Blasters are a weapon of sans from the popular game Undertale. they look like monster skulls and shoot lasers out of their mouths while im not trying to make lasers, i am trying to create a beam of light :) i plan on atttaching this device to a drone or perhaps just using a omnidimensional wire system to supend it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks~

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Best Answer 1 year ago

Normal stage lights could be used as well as custom LED lights with a lens.
What you need is a search light like source.
Beam diameter is set by the actual light used and the lens (system) ensures the beam stays highly focussed for a long distance.
Anything in front of the lens would then act like a shadow cast and affect the shpe of the beam - bat signal ;)

A normal drone might not be feasable here due to the power requirements but frame systems fo 3D like beam movements do exist for stage use.
Depending your skill set it might be possible you make your own.
Biggest problem would be the visiblility.
Without smoke or other reflective stuff in the air the light won't be visible at all.
Not even a laser would...
Less smoke for better clearity means highe power for the light.
More smoke for ease and efficient use might mean you disappear in smoke.


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Thanks a lot! I'll get to designing and get my maths on :)


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Keep in mind the power requirements even for LED's.
It is often better to have the power supply or driver close to the light instead fo using long wirse between the two.