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Light acitivated LED Circuit help :) Answered

I'm looking for a bit of guidance, I'm'm currently building a presentation box for a Christmas present that i have made and am looking for a way to add LED's that will illuminate inside the box when the lid is opened. 

apart from being able to very crudely solder I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to electronics and wondered if some of you wise fellows would be able to help. 

i have attached a very basic drawing of my box and the basic idea is to have 12 fairly small LEDs placed around the top of the box which i am hoping to hide behind some frosted plastic to give an even glow around the box when opened. 

there is a channel in the back of the box for wiring to flow down and the bottom half of the box will be free space that i can place the batteries in and anything else i may need. 

currently i am working on the assumption that the best way to get the box to automatically illuminate would be from a small switch which is released when the lid is opened

can anyone help me figure out how to do this? it needs to be safe and would be great to have a fairly good battery life. i would like to use AA batterys for ease of changing when they run flat. but again I am open to ideas. 

Thanks for your time


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