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Lightbox from old scanner Answered

Hi, Ive got a question if you don't mind, im trying to make a light box from a old scanner and im not sure what lighting I should do, what im thinking is to use this (http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/00119419) but im not sure if it would be powerful enough. I was thinking about using t5 but I don't think they would fit as the scanner is really thin about 18mm without the glass in. Also would I need anything in in front of the glass at all? Cheers Phil



6 years ago

They should be bright enough (I have a set lighting my kitchen counter).

Most lightboxes seem to have translucent tops, rather than clear, to diffuse the light, but if you edge-mount those light strips, and paint the inside of the box matt white, you might get away with it. If not, you can get a spray to "frost" glass, andyou could spray that on the underside of the glass.


Reply 6 years ago

Well inside ive lined with reflective paper but I can take it out and paint it white if itll do a better job.

I need as much light as possible as I need it to go through thickness paper (300g/m2 watercolour and acrylic paper). Ive just remembered ive got some of the sheets of plastic like stuff that you get inside a LCD montior if that will help?