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Lightbox options Answered

Hi everyone,
I need your opinions please, I want to create a light box and I have two options;

Use an old A4 scanner and place these leds (http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/00119419) and place them behind the glass where the scanner part would of been, place some film over the glass to help with the light and job done. Which would be better as well, put the lights ont he bottle or try and get them as close to the glass as possible.

Or, I can use an old monitor (nearly A3 size which would be better) with a knackered power unit so I will need to use the same leds by either placing them along the sides of the thick acrylic/glass sheet inside the montior (which would need cutting the metal and plastic  frames a lot to get it to work or make a new wooden one to fit inside the monitor external case . Or cut holes in the back of the metal exterior frame and have the leds really close to the sheet. However on the understand of the sheet is covered in lots of little white dots which might stop the light.

Any suggestiong or opinions please?


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7 years ago

The second option would be better as the light would be diffused evenly. They often make 'light up notice boards' in this manner (both frosted and clear perspex / acrylic)

The first option would have 'strips of dark and light areas' whereas the latter would have it more evenly distributed.

You won't even need an old monitor.

You can test it with a piece of plexiglass with a torch :D

1) Make sure that the plexiglass (frosted or clear) is cleanly cut at the edges i.e. no hack marks from a saw etc.. try keep it as clean as possible or sand it then polish it.
2) Take a torch (an LED would be best) and shine it down the side of the plexiglass i.e. the side you sanded/polished
3) try block out as much radiant light as possible by whamming on some black tape so that the only light really is going through the side of the sheet

--- on frosted glass you'll see that it's a nice clean/even distribution radiating away from the point of origin (the torch)

--- on the clear glass i.e. if you used non frosted, you shouldnt see anyting really looking at it 'flat on'. Now take something sharp and etch a smiley lightly on the surface of the glass near the point of origin. It should show up as bright.

---something fun for the clear glass: take an eye dropper, dilute some blue, red or green ink in water so it's coloured but still see through. Pot a bit of baking soda in the water and make it a bit cloudy... and drop a drop of that inked yet bloudy water on the surface near the point of origin... That too glows :) Thats how the seethrough glowing ink notice boards work outside restaurants on the sidewalk