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Limit of a subwoofer Answered

Guys the question sounds like stupid but the thing is how should i know a subwoofer reached it's max excursion limit before blowing the coil.

If it starts to distort does it means it reached it's limit or the amplifier can't provide much juice the speaker needs.



1 year ago

Your question doesn't seem like stupid to me,actually those who are around speakers would have this doubt. So the amount of power that reaches the speakers depends on the coil resistance, volume, the tunes that you are playing etc and never think that the amp is constantly providing a fixed power to the speakers its varies due to these reasons. The limit before blowing out the coil is tough to find out but the maximum limit up to which it is safely operated without damage is the wattage inscribed on the speaker. Suppose a speaker is rated for 20 watts and we supplied 21 watts to it then mostly the thing that's going to happen is that coil will be damaged eventually over time and fails at a point, so we cant say its a sudden failure or it has a limit. maybe the speaker wont be damaged at all due to its tolerance limit and that's totally depends on its quality of manufacturing and the amount of power delivered to the speaker.
while dealing with the amps and speakers, keeping the the wattage of the speaker little (2 or 5 watts) above the amp wattage is a good practice to be on safe side. also some people if they didn't get the required things uses a less watt rated speaker but always keeps the volume under a limit below the full volume.
To your second question while increasing the volume beyond the limits of the amplifier the audio signals gets clipped at the top portion and as a result distortion and a small popping sound is observer from the speakers. It means that the amplifier cant handle the output audio signals at these levels and is beyond its working range and the amps may get damaged due to this.


1 year ago

Distortion bad - Usually caused by mechanical limit.

MAx rating should be marked on speaker.