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Linear actuator wiring question Answered

I have a 73 Bronco, I am trying to install a set of step bars onto. I would like to have them mounted on a linear actuator. Is it possible to have them wired to a door jam switch, so they would lower when door is opened, and raise when closed? Every switch I have seen is a toggle, which won't work for my application. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Greg


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8 years ago

It's been asked many a time;

You need a momentary double pole double throw switch for the door to activate forward/reverse on the linear actuator, then 2 limit switches that may or may not be built into the actuator as endstops that cut off one or the other wire to the motor at each extreme end.

Attached is a picture showing the dpdt wiring. If you have one end switch that interrupts the connection on one magenta wire, and the other limit switch set up to interrupt a black wire to the motor, the system is complete.