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Link to tutorial on my blog Answered

I have a tutorial on my blog, and I'm wondering if I can just put a photo of the finished project and brief description on instructables with a link to my blog, or do i have to download the whole tutorial to instructables


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8 years ago

That depends on what your project is. If it's a food recipe then a picture of the final product and write of of ingredients and process is usually enough, but not if it's a complex project and you are just looking for link-backs. It's against the Terms of Service to post a teaser on our site and then link back to your site (read: advertising, promotional materials, or any other form of solicitation).

You are welcome to post a Photo Instructable showing us what you have made with loads of pictures if you do not want to write out the entire process. See the different types of Instructables under Create.

Projects that do really well on our site (and drive traffic to other sites) are well written and provide enough documentation to inspire our readers top attempt the project on their own.