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Linkit One abuse Answered

i subscribed to the micro-controllers feed and I was pretty happy with the instructables being shown, however a few weeks ago something happened and now about 99% of the instructables that I get only use Linkit One as microcontroller, no more arduino, raspberry, etc.

Later I learned that Linkit One is a "featured" product.

I'm ok with sponsors and such kind of strategies to generate revenue, but do it in a way that allows you to have some balance.  If they keep doing this I'll be moving to another place.


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4 years ago

I also noticed the many LinkIt ONE instructables and it is a bit much. But it will decrease soon. I think the company put too much force in "making it happen". The average complexity of the LinkIt ONE related instructables are not very high though... people want to get their amazon giftcards.