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Links for products Answered

Does Anyone know if I can place a link in my tutorial listing page here on instructables. I am a new member. Please let me know



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7 years ago

Placing commercial links in a "fake" Instructable -- i.e., something obviously written in order to promote sales or redirect Web traffic to a commercial site -- violates the terms of service to which you agreed when you created your account. Such an I'ble will be flagged as SPAM, removed from the site, and your account may be closed.

If you sell a kit version of your own, original project, (on Etsy, for example), then providing a link to your kit at the end of your I'ble is perfectly acceptable, and even encouraged in the case of very populat projects. Your project should still be constructable by a reader without having to buy your particular product (so just reposting the instruction sheet is not acceptable).


Reply 7 years ago

It is akso acceptable to provide links to specific suppliers if they are hard to find, or if you just want to mention where you got yours.

I have seen referal links as well, were the author gets a small cut of the sale price if you purchase through their link. If other suppliers are available, then I [personally] have jo ptoblem with that.