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Linux is corrupt! please help [answered] Answered

Linux got corrupt on me when i booted up please help...

all i did was originally; try to make a live DVD (openSuS linux) but all my computer did was boot up in Linux mint like normal. i restarted it again, same thing, it started to boot up in mint.

but a blank screen came up and it looked like some sort of recovery mode and then tells me I'm missing a file "init= bootary"

no init found. try passing init= bootary

Busybox v1.15.3 (unbuntu 1:1.15.3-1ubuntu5) built in shell (ash)
enter 'help' for a list of commands

eventually,after trying out almost every command,

i resort to placing the original mint live CD in it, it works, until I try to install the live cd to the hard-drive.

i get to a certain point in the install wizard, then it freezes up.

PLEASE HELP this is the second time my computer truly upset me!



4 years ago

Well, I also tried to install OpenSuse on my desktop PC to make dual boot. And was installed successfully. I really enjoyed the graphics and apps that OpenSuse provide.

Also configure windows hard drive partition make accessible in Linux (OpenSuse).

One thing I missed in that OS was I was not able to play any video and audio file.

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6 years ago

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Answer 6 years ago

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8 years ago

OK, never-mind... i (tried) to install openSuSe but it didn't work. (it said that i don't have a "boot loader") which i do (grub boot loader) so then i tried to install mint again and luckily, it worked!


8 years ago

Two possibilities come to mind. One is that there is a problem with your hard drive. You might have a bad sector on it. Run a disk checking program on it. You can get these from the disk manufacturer. They have diagnostic tools for their drives usually.
Second possibility is the DVD drive or the DVD itself. try a different drive.
Go for the simplest things first. After you rule those things out then start looking for other problems.