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Linux on 1994 laptop? Answered

 I recently acquired a (free!) IBM thinkpad from 1994. I do not have a charger but got it to run by hooking a power supple to where the battery hooks up. The hard drive (a nice roomy 520 megs) does not work, but it does have a working floppy drive.

Here is the Question:
Is their any type of linux that can can boot from a floppy disk and run on a system like this:

50 mhz processor
20 MB of RAM, previously 4 MB. I found an unused 16 MB card under the floppy drive (?!)

If there isn't one you know of, is their any version of MS-DOS that I can boot from a floppy and download for free? Thanks!

Update: I found a 2.1 GB HD ($20) online, which could help. I won't order it yet, though.


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9 years ago

I would suggest MINIX, it's cool!

Even better recently I came across MenuetOS, it's a fully featured, and still updated in 2011, operating system, that can fit on a floppy drive!


10 years ago

Websearch for "floppy linux". Note that, due to the extremely limited storage, these are generally small subsets. Also note that since you don't have a hard disk to use as swap space, and the old machine probably has limited memory, it may be ... interesting ... trying to load and run  anything more than basic text-based applications. Of course Unix was originally designed for machines that didn't have much more capability than that, but now that everyone expects GUIs this may not make you happy.

I'd say getting a working hard drive is a good investment at that price.