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Lipo battery charge/discharge on the same port with button? Answered

I like to have the battery charged and used on the same wires with a switch in between. How to achieve this?
The switch has a on, off, ground and kill.



Answer 3 years ago

the kill feature is something they called it haha. It turns of when working with higher voltages. I did some further search and I might be able to put in a adafruit powerboost 1000C, connect to lipo to that and attach the switch between output and my project. Any thoughts?


Answer 3 years ago

Like Rick said don't short the battery. Bad things will happen is you do.

Putting the switch there can only interrupt power to your Pi.

Why a power boost if the battery can already run the Pi ?

Are you trying to make a UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) ?

What is your source a USB ?


Answer 3 years ago

I want to cut of the power to the pi, but the pi needs to have a 1 to 1.8amp current. I wanted to make the system like charging and using. That is possible when using that charger. My source is usb, but I like to Desolder that and replace to wires


3 years ago

DO NOT discharge lipo by putting a switch across the wires there is a good chance it will burst into flames.

The switch you have is just on and off so not suitable to switch between charging and using the electrical output of the battery.

You need a double pole Double throw switch so the battery is either connected to the load OR to the charger. As in the diagram. (click to see full size)

batter charge.jpg