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Liquid dispenser wireless pour control Answered

Hi guys, anyone knows the concept behind this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAJvbFYtpIU. It is a wireless drink pourer, that can control the liquid flow. Can't find if something like this can be made with Arduino. Does some one have an idea if this can be done?


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2 years ago

In theory quite simple...
The wireless stuff is only to keep track of usage though, maybe because too many bar tenders drink their own products..
The flow control is done with the buttons on the dispensing head.
Building something like that with a Nano for example would still require a dedicated measuring system and building that from scratch in small scale...
Buy yourself some cheap shot glass dispensers of the manual kind.
You will see they use two steel balls for the amount control and flow blocking.
Tinker around a bit to get some units "copied" with stuff from the hardware store or similar.
Aim for different liquid amounts and to get them as small as possible.
Once done add tiny valves to block the ones not in use - that is what the Arduino and the buttons will do once programmed.
Last step is to get it all small enough to actually fit onto a bottle without being bigger than the bottle itself ;)
Adding a rotional sensor and a WiFi module then is the easy part.