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Lit bubble columns/bubble wall Answered

I've been looking at these awesome bubble columns that are so wretchedly expensive and dying to get one for my office. Note, I am sure they are worth every penny, but I have few pennies. For the link-phobic, a bubble column is a clear tube several feet tall with an aerator making bubbles and multi-coloured lights from beneath the column. Some columns are interactive and others have plastic fishies or balls that sail around inside.  There is also a space-saving "bubble wall" that only runs 1L of water. 

Anyone even have a clue as to where to start?

No pics, sorry, I didn't want to pull them off the website. 


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9 years ago

Acrylic tube from shopfitter supplies. Large diameter for main effect, and narrow for air supply.

Acrylic end plate for large tube.

Pump from aquarium supplies, possibly some tubing and a couple of valves.

I also suggest that you take the air feed INSIDE the large tube, or a broken pipe will get very, very messy.