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Lithium pack building? Answered

I want to make a 4s4p pack out of 18650 cells.  I am asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of research online before buying the parts so I know it will all work when I order the parts.  

My first question is, should I make the pack out of 18650 cells with individual protection or all connected to one PCM?  With protected cells all I need to do is connect the charger and the cells will charge and cut off at the right time?  This is the charger I want to get.  Maybe if I used protected cells I should charge them by taking them out of the pack and charging them in 4x wall chargers like this one.  

Say I didn't use cells with individual protection.  I have my eye on this PCM . It has a balance control function.  I can see the benefit of balancing cells in a 4s1p configuration but does balancing work properly in a 4s4p configuration when 4 cells are acting as one?  

Lastly I want to make the pack user serviceable so I will use battery holders.  I saw some here but it would cost over 50 dollars for all the holders.  That seems too expensive.  Do you know of cheaper ones?  

Thank you for your input




8 years ago

What is it you are trying to power, and what size pack, voltage and amperes? im geussing something along the lines of 14.8V, 4.4 to 5.2 Ah?


Reply 8 weeks ago

i am also looking for a 4S4P Li ion INR 18650 based 10Ah 14.8V battery pack. can u refer me circuit diagram for its BMS for 2A-3A discharge current and 2A charge current?