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Live chassis on a TV? Answered

 I was given a TV, (Panasonic TC-1485); it directs the sound to the side rather than to the front and it's not very clear.

I was going to take the wires from the internal speaker and solder them to a 3.5 jack socket so that I could use it with headphones.
I read today that until recently TVs were 'live chassis', does this mean it would be dangerous to wire up headphones or have I misunderstood?

Thank you.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

I was able to find a link to the service manual and diagram of this tv.  It's available here.

Looking at the diagram the speaker is connected to an ic amp. so it would be safe to connect to the speaker.  I wouldn't use headphones though I'd use another speaker.  I have a tv at my office with the sound on the side and I plugged an old set of computer speakers into the erphone jack and it works much better. 

I'm surprised that your tv doesn't have and earphone jack.

Be very careful when you open up the tv.  That picture tube is a big capacitor that holds 15-20 thousand volts even when off.  If you break it the glass implodes and sends glass shards everywhere.  Picture a glass grenade.

Good luck.


10 years ago

You've understood correctly. I can't say whether the TC-1485 IS a live chassis, but the classic connection requires an "AF isolating transformer", which you could pick up from a PA company.