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Locker Size Mini Freezer Answered

I have an empty locker in my office (2.5 cu. ft) and it gave me an idea to use that space as a freezer. I know how a freezer works, but my question is it is feasible to gut out a used mini fridge and reassemble it in a small space? Since there's a shelf in the locker,  I was plannign to run the evaporation coils underneath it,  line the edges of the locker with Dow foam, fit the condenser in the corner, and the condenser coil on the inside of the door.


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9 years ago

If you can manage it without disconnecting the coils at all - lose the refrigerant gas, all is up the creek.

You'll need to arrange up-and-down ventilation around the coils as well, so that convection currents can carry away the waste heat.