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[FIXED] Log in issues persist - any fixes? Answered

// Problem has been fixed. Read my comment below for my solution. //

Ok, so I just signed up a few days ago, and have been working on my first Instructable. The site was working, up until yesterday. Now I can't log in normally. Trying to log in just brings me back to the log-in page. The only way for me to log in is to reset my password. Although that's an inconvenience, it's better than nothing. Or at least it was. Today, the site logs me out ("your session has ended") randomly. Then, to log back in, I have to reset the password again.

I've searched the forums around for a fix, and have tried combinations of the following:
- Force reloading (ctrl + shift + R)
- Clearing Cache
- Clearing cookies
- Enabling cookies for site
- Browser restarts
- Unchecking "remember my login info" or whatever it is
- Manually entering my login info vs. using browser-saved info
- Pressing "Enter" instead of clicking "login"

I've also unsuccessfully tried on the following browsers:
- Firefox 7.01 (my main browser)
- IE9
- Opera 11.10
- Chrome 14
- Safari 5.0.5

I know I'm not the only one with this issue, I'm just wondering if anyone has found a fix yet? Even a temporary one? I've got a 24 page I'ble just sitting around now. I'd love to actually be able to work on it.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Thanks StumpChunkman. I emailed, and got a quick reply. I really didn't expect a reply on a Saturday, but it was a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, the solution I received in the email didn't work. However, I was able to keep messing around and I think I got it fixed.

For anyone else having this problem, this is how I resolved the issue:

- Click the "forgot password" link and have a new password sent to your email.
- Log in with the temporary password.
- On the change password screen, input a new password that doesn't use special characters.

I believe the issue lies in the special characters (!@#$%^&*) of the passwords. Removing those characters from my password resolved my log in issues immediately.


9 years ago

Please send an email to service@instructables.com. They should be able to help you reset your password.