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Log in problems Answered

ok here's the problem, I received my subscription updates and when I click on the link, I am logged out. so I log in at the top of the website, click log in and nothing happens. so I click at the image, it asks me to log in yet again so I do it and it brings me to another screen and I loose the page I was on... if I hit the Back button, it's as though I never logged. WTF is going on? this is very frustrating.



8 years ago

You've got an old cached page in your browser, instead of fetching the current page from the Web site.

Clear your cache (or history). Delete all cookies from Instructables. Use a "hard refresh" of the Instructables page (Reload on Firefox or shift-Refresh on IE).


Reply 8 years ago

thanks I should have thought about that... I did a refresh a couple of days ago and didn;t think this was the issue. I just did it and it seems to hae settled the problem. Thank you :)