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Log out problem (slightly different than the one by Frollard) Answered

The case: I log in at Instructables, then I view a couple of other sites (e.g. Google).
When I return to Instructables, I can see from the top right hand side of the page that I am logged out.
However, when I click on a random Instructable, the Instructable opens and in  the right corner of the screen it says I'm logged in.

OSX 10.5.8
Safari 5.0.3




8 years ago

By "return to Instructables," do you mean using the [Back] button on your browser? Or do you switch tabs/windows to access the non-Instructables sites?

In the first case, it means that Safari is being a bit to agressive in re-using cached versions of pages you've already seen. All you need to do is to [Reload] the page, and you'll see it showing you as logged in, just as you expect.

The second case seems a bit weird. You should first try reloading and see if that changes the behaviour. If it persists (that after you've logged in, switching tabs and switching back causes I'bles to log you out), then please follow up here, and include a couple of screen shots showing the before and after.

You can use /Applications/Utilities/Grab to get the screenshots on your Mac. Grab won't save as PNG, though, and I'bles can't seem to handle TIFF. What I do is ghet the picture up in Grab, use [Cmd-C] to copy it to the paste buffer, then launch Preview and use [Cmd-N] to create a new picture from the paste buffer. Preview can save in all kinds of nice formats.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks for your reply (I'm not using the Back button when this problem occurs).
I will look into it (have to go to work first). You know...


Reply 8 years ago

The second case (as described by you) occurred, but it seems to be solved now.
Thanks for your help.