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Logging in Answered

Every time I change pages to look at something or post a comment, it tells me I have to log back on.  I do this and it's ok until I go to another page.  Also when I go to post a comment it tells me to log in and it will take me back to where I am, and it doesn't, all I get is a blank page.  I do log in when I first pull up the site, I just want to know why I have to keep logging in.



9 years ago

This has been brought up many times. It has nothing to do with your paid account, and has been moved to the general Feedback forum. There are two possible causes, both of which you can correct yourself, but you haven't provided enough information to know which is correct

1) You are not allowing Instructables to save cookies. Go to your preferences, and add "www.instructables.com" to the list of sites allowed to create cookies.

2) You are using Internet Explorer. This log-in problem has been reported primarily by IE users, and seems to be due to their mis-implementation of some standard tools. If you use Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome or Safari, you shouldn't have this problem.