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Login process Answered

I have been a member for 10 yrs. When I select Login it still presents me with the Username: and Password: spaces however my Username is automatically up there but I still have to type in my Password, Why?

Note: I still get my automatic email newsletter.




17 days ago

I noticed recently that when websites make minor changes to their login pages or processes that brwosers can fail to recognise this.
That means the auto-fill functions don't always work in these cases.
Same story if cookies are used instead, once they are outdated the browsers fails again until they are cleared.
Since the code monkeys are seem to work quite a bit lately we might have to deal with both options for a while.
If in doubt clearing cache and cookies every now and then, plus loggin out and back in should solve most of the problems related to this.


18 days ago

I also have to log in every couple of months. Pretty rare though,


20 days ago

That for once might not be a problem caused by the code monkeys as it works just fine for me, using the latest FF browser.
I did notice that both FF and Chrome had troubles with some recent updates.
In some cases it might be necessary to turn off the auto-fill options, restart and then turn them back on again.
After that both your username AND password should be pre-filled for the login.