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Logitech x-530, need some fun/nice ideas Answered


Have been looking around on google, to find some ideas to my speakers, and sub, but I can't realy find anything that could be nice.
But I have been on this website before, where I found other nice stuff, so wondered if you could help me out, finding a idea, that could be cool to try.
Here's how my system looks, http://www.gaming-shop.si/images/Logitech-X-530.jpg
It doesn't have to be much. Just make it look different, but still nice or funny.
And, if you dont mind, would yu please find a picture, of what you mean, if its a material to put around, or a toturial, if yuo got any, thanks.


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11 years ago

I had those speaker once, one thing to do is to have the speakers horizontal. You can, also tilt them 45 degrees, by loosening the stand and retightening.