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Lomography on the hay-penny? Answered

does anyone have an ideas or instructables about lomography on the cheap side? Or techniques for creating artsy, interesting, experimental photographs with a 35mm film or a digital slr?



8 years ago

if you've got a smart phone there are a lot of free camera apps that actually do REALLY good lomo style photos (camera360 for android being one of them). of course, it's not going to be full professional results but they're surprisingly good quality on my droid2


8 years ago

i always wanted a lomo but there are non near my area and my parents wont let me,heres what i did:
1.use my dads old snap and shoot camera
2.get photoshop cs4
3.go crazy with effects.


9 years ago

If you're near a city that has a Lomography STORE, they offer classes for cheap/free and those can be really helpful. They usually loan out a lomo camera for the classes too!

http://microsites.lomography.com/stores/gallery-stores/losangeles (Check on the right side under upcoming to see classes in LA)

Also you can put a colored gel filter over your flash to create colored photos. It's cheap and fun.


10 years ago

ah thank you. well actually...i got a 1969 range-finder camera off of ebay for a few bucks, and i found some expired film in my house... i'm pretty much using it as a pinhole camera, so the pictures should come out as pleasant surprises. :} thanks again goodhart! you always seem to have an answer.


11 years ago

Well, the way I see it, you have 2 ways to achieve the effects you seek (link), one being to use a filter or specialty lens, but the cheaper way if you want a variety of different types of shots, is to take a wider angle shot than you need then either use Photoshop (if you have it) or GIMP (which is without cost), or some similar method to achieve your effects (this is, of course, with digital pictures only). If using film, you would need the filters / lens.