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Long Range IR Transmitter Answered

I'm trying to build a guidance system for RC airplanes and drones. This should work by sending different IR signals to different locations in the air, so the drone will pick up signals specific to one location, enabling it to know where it is. (Like a mini, simplistic VOR, if you know about aviation) I'll probably use an Arduino on the ground with the transmitter, and a Raspberry pi onboard the airplane.

I would like the IR signals to reach as far as possible, so does any one know of any small, high power IR LEDs?

Also, if you have a good idea on how the signals could be accurately focused, so they line up next to each other without over lapping, let me know.



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2 years ago

Use the old ocean coastal light house techniques where each had a different beacon rotation period.. Simply use a coded PWM beam for differentiating locations and use different frequency IR for adjacent locations.. IR leds come with specified angular radiation patterns that you can select for proper zoning and a great deal of shading is able to improve on that..

Do not forget about polarizing filters so that adjacent zones can be further squished.

Atmospheric events can diffuse IR lightening patterns So an amplitude detection will be necessary to detect changing from one zone to another zone..

Miniature GPS is probably more reliable