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Long Range Locator Metal Detector Answered

 I'm looking to build of long range locators for search of gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from someone as soon as possible...!!!


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5 years ago

I do a bit of prospecting every now and then although still waiting to finally find a nugget :(
Generally the Minelabs models are a really good start, especially the offers that come with two coils already.
Can't tell you for gold as I have not found any but things like a shotgun shell are detected by mine up to 60cm deep.

A flat soda can facing the right direction to about 1m.
The big deal about modern metal detectors is to take the guesswork out of detecting.
If you don't want any irn you can filter it out, if the soil is full of minerals you can use active ground tracking - but the basics are still the same!
If you take a basic and cheap metal detactor from the hobby shop you get in most cases the same points detected as with a profesional device.
Big difference is that you get the same beep for everything and that the sensitivity is lower for tiny parts.
If have 50$ toy as well for friends when we go out together and I let them go first and if they get a good beep I confirm wth mine if it is junk or not.

These cheap ones can be modded with a home made coil, there are several examples on Ebay.
People use up to 3m squares made from PVC piping with a coil in it.
All you do is to match the inductivity of the big coil with the one that came with the detector.
With them you find a tiny nugget several meters down if you like digging a lot.


5 years ago

I take it you have seen the long range machines on ebay, They are a scam. Have a look at this forum