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Long Time Gone Answered

So im guessing that most of you wont really remember me, i have not made a full come back to knex but i am mainly just trying to see if i still have the main skills but im going to give it a shot but at christmas i will be stopping as i am going to try and sell my knex again but at the moment i am working on a project which i dont think many people have suceeded in doing but i have nearly finished my !! spas 12 !! so yeah i will be posting pictures but i dought i will be posting as ive used many broken peices to get it to work the way i want but the main concept is very simple i may attach a picture once its done to this post




9 years ago

Gah lrn2grammar
Luckily you bolded Spas 12 so I could pull that out of the mess. Pump action? Tubular magazine? Fires shot? Actually I don't care about the last one if you give it a true tubular magazine.

knex madTheDunkis

Reply 9 years ago

erm its pump action shoots around 40 feet estimating as ive found a new way to reinforce it all but ive also used an zkar trigger adapted to fit in to the gun and i also have made a usp sort of pistol which is very powerful will add pics of that later


9 years ago

spas 12?!? kool