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Look what I found in my junkmail (of interest to South UK iblers) Answered

(I don't actually visit the dorkbot site, but they have a fitful newsletter)


dorkbotlondon will be at area10, Peckham, SE15 5JT
this wednesday 18th June from 7pm

map: http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=SE15+5JT

Area10 is the white warehouse type building behind Peckham Library.

Join us and enjoy the Julie Freeman talking more about her perversion
for dog's ears (now realised as the ICA commissioned
http://www.dogsears.net), The People Speak presenting Peckham TV
( http://www.peckhamspace.com/projects/peckhamtv ) a live envisioning of
Peckham's future, Moritz Waldemeyer talking about a recent project
( http://www.waldemeyer.com/ ) and Mike Blow talking about his musical
park benches ( http://www.evolutionaryart.co.uk/ ).

Plus! News about the burningdork dorkbot camp, and opendorks (if you
have a ~ 7 minute presentation about something dorky, let us know on the

See you there!



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12 years ago

Reading that the first things that caught my eye were "Peckham" and "7pm onwards"... I in't goin' sarf of the river that time of night, guv!

A large collection of geeks and SoLo late at night, that sounds like a recipe for fun and frolics...