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Looking for: Metal detector for Non-Ferrous metals. Answered

I'm looking for a detailed schematic ( or two ) on a metal detector capable of locating non-ferrous materials to an extent. ( titanium in specific )  I recall finding a fair bit of documentation on such a thing a few months back, but I can no longer recall the exact method that they used.

If anybody knows where I can find some detailed information and/or schematics I would very much appreciate it. 
I have a reasonable amount of experience in building somewhat complex circuits, and can learn what ever I do not yet understand, hopefully. ;)

I have a very good object to test such a device on, should I manage to build one. It's something I keep close to me at all times, and goes wherever I go.   ( that sounds kind of like a riddle )
On a side note; anybody had Deja Vu over four times in an hour? I think my mind is running in loops.

Any help or insight would be very much appreciated. 



8 years ago

I'm not so sure about that, as the majority that I've had my hands on were only ever able to detect ferrous metals. I have an old detector with a "non-ferrous" dial on it, but the detector is broken, and the coils managed to get destroyed.


8 years ago

All metal detectors will find non-ferrous metals. That's why detectorists in the UK can find hoards of gold...