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Looking for Video Game Development Team. Answered

Hello, my name is Christoffer Asp, I'am 19 years old and I'am developing a first person shooter game on unity on my own and have come to the point where i need to grow a bigger team.

1. i need someone too do the first person arms animations, so that means a good animator. (in any program, whatever works in unity)

2. someone to help me code multiplayer and all the other functions. to give you an idea about the game idea, this game is going to be like "rust" a online multiplayer, survival, shooter, building game.

3. a better 3d modeller than me.

4. sound designer.

if you are good at anything of these things please contact me on my email and ill get back too you shorlty.

remember, if you have ever wanted to get big in this buisness, then this may be your chance!

my email is: Christoffer.asp@live.se


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