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Looking for a Fun Creative Project for Adults with Little to No Experience Answered

I run a non profit teaching kids computer science concepts. As a fund raiser idea I was considering hosting an adult class at our local makerspace. I am looking for a kind of nerdy, somewhat inexpensive projects that adults will enjoy making as well as displaying in their home or office. With kids we do coding, make games, light LEDs with arduinos, make Raspeberry Pi cameras, and play around with paper circuits and homemade hex bugs. Does anyone have any adult ideas that may be fun? (Also, we are considering having a local brewery bring beer) I am open for more kids projects too, if you have any.


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1 year ago

I recently attended a MakerEd Teacher session where we were given the task of creating a new toy by "hacking" dollar store toys and it was a lot of fun.

There were two bins of toys and we had to select items from both to create our new toy -
1. Battery operated - light-up/LED, musical, or moving/rc toys
(There were LED string lights in the bin as well and the presenter had lots of extra batteries)
2. Non Battery operated - stuffed animals, sports balls, jump ropes, airplanes, trucks, etc.
General craft supplies were on each table (scissors, glue, markers, and sewing kits)

After building the new toy, you had to name it and create a pitch to share with the group at the end. It was really cool to see the design choices each person made and the final results of their efforts. We were able to take our designs home which was an added bonus. :)