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Looking for a Step by Step DIY Instruction with images to make a Wind Power Small Turbine Answered

I am searching the internet to find DIY plan to create a Wind power small size 3 blades turbine to run my computer.

I found the https://www.instructables.com/ and some videos but all the videos are incomplete or simply lack vital information.

I am a novice.

Please help me to build my very first (3 blades) and
small wind turbine. I need help from this forum.

Please share DIY plans or step by step instructions to build a wind power turbine.

Why I need Wind turbine?
To generate electricity to run my UPS and 15" Monitor.
I want to generate my own electricity but I need guidance.

So far I have found that 3 blades wind turbine works best as compared to 4 and 6 blades.

Hope some one may help.
DAVE - davidjohny@yahoo.com


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12 years ago

. Before you get too far, check and see how much wind you have in your area. Look here if you live in the US.


Reply 12 years ago

Thanks PKM. I will check the links.

By the way if some also know some more good sites then he is more than welcome to drop a site
link as well =:-)


12 years ago

The site does seem to be a bit thin on good plans for traditional windmill-style 3 blade turbines:

but vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are also represented:


A number of these recommend building your own alternator/generator, which provides better efficiency but is a lot more work. Your decision should be based on how much you want to spend, how much time you have to work on it, your local wind speeds and how much power you want to generate.

Check out those four Instructables to get some initial ideas.